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Italian Plum and Star Anise at Gastro-Pub 3rd & 3rd

Ever wonder how our Italian Plum and Star Anise would taste with a delicious pate, then head over to Delray's own 3rd&3rd and try their pate and jam appetizer...don't know where 3rd&3rd is? Ask a local.   

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Do you hear the BUZZ?

That's the buzz about the store 'THE BEE' 123 Datura St in downtown West Palm Beach (561) 651 9796. Awesome little place to find what you need. It's a market, a juicery, a cafe and much more including yoga. Very tastefully done with an inviting atmosphere and decor, all wrapped up in a bow of [...]

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MANGO GINGER SHRUB, now available!

After 15 months of trials and experimentation, Pascale has launched her first SHRUB... what's that you say?A SHRUB is an acidulated syrup, an ancient way of preserving fruit using a combination of Sugar and Vinegar. The word itself is an old Arabic word meaning drink or syrup. SHRUBS [Also called drinking vinegars] became very popular in the [...]

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The Golden Hog

On your next trip to Key Biscayne, drop in and say hi to the friendly staff at The Golden Hog, not only do they have a supremely diverse gourmet market to shop from but also provide you with a great spot for Breakfast, lunch, or whatever is your fancy. There, you will also find Pascale's Jams [...]

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Cods and Capers Seafood Marketplace and Cafe

We're very pleased to welcome Cods and Capers Seafood Marketplace and Cafe, to our growing list of retailers carrying Pascale's selection of Jams, Shrubs, Preserves and Sauces. If you haven't been to their North Palm Beach store, then you're really missing out. They have a huge selection of the freshest seafood available in the county [...]

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Dean & Deluca

Following the success of SCHO-KO-LADE at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, we are very happy to announce and welcome Dean & Deluca into the fold. All five stores in the New York Area, now carry SCHO-KO-LADE  Red [The Bittersweet Dark Chocolate version]. "To have SCHO-KO-LADE on sale with Dean & Deluca is a [...]

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Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Southern Season is now carrying SCHO-KO-LADE. Quick to recognize the quality and uniqueness of the distinctive red and white tin, Southern Season were one of the first to order the Bitter Sweet/Dark Chocolate Version. Representatives of Southern Season came by the Pascale's booth at the shows in Chicago and New [...]

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SCHO-KO-LADE RED now available here in the US and CANADA

SCHO-KO-LADE is German for chocolate, SCHO-KO-LADE an 80 year tradition is now available in North America. SCHO-KO-LADE offers a delicious blend of smooth chocolate and natural caffeine. Relying on the NATURALLY OCCURRING CAFFEINE that is found in Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans and Cola-Nuts this unique recipe, provides a reviving boost of energy and concentration. SCHO-KO-LADE [...]

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Pascale's would like to welcome Bistro Bistro to the family of stores...

Joining the ranks of retailers carrying our Jams, Chutneys, Sauces and the energy chocolate SCHO-KO-LADE is Bistro Bistro on Northwood Road, West Palm Beach. Bistro Bistro has an eclectic array of fine French foods, excellent coffee and one of kind treats. Check them out and know that you are that much closer to our jams. [...]

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Pascale's LLC has been making the news lately, check out these 3 great reports...

"Made in Delray" - the March/April 2014 edition of the 'Delray Magazine'...a snap shot look at the creativity and prowess of our little town.'The Shiny Sheets' - Roberta Sabban focuses in on Pascale's LLC, how it came about and what is offered on the 'Island' [Palm Beach]. - www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/lifestyles/jam-time/ndb3b/'The Ft. Lauderdale Magazine' - a snap [...]

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