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"That's my Jam"

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Pascale and The Delray Beach Jam Company is all about.

When did you start your business, and what sparked the idea?

Pascale: As a professional cook, I’ve been making Jam all my life. Pascale’s – The Delray Beach Jam Company, started in the fall of 2010, when our professional lives changed course and through the insistence of our friends and neighbors to start making jams professionally. Up to that point and in my spare time, I was making Mango Jams and Chutneys from our own backyard bounty of mangoes and giving them away to neighbors, friends and family.

What is one tip you would share with someone wanting to sell his or her goods locally?

P: There are two things. First, ‘Do it right’…what I mean is take the courses, get the certifications and make sure the product you are selling is the best quality and safest it can be. And second, ‘Be true to your concept’…don’t cut corners or use inferior products. In the long run your steadfast resolve to quality will be rewarded.

Name the top three words to describe your product.


Share a simple recipe for the amateur chef, using one of your products.

P: Many of our jams and chutneys can be used in cooking, or on a cheese board. Use our jams and shrubs to glaze roasts [Turkey, Chicken, Hams, etc] or to ‘deglaze’ a pan…To deglaze a pan [let’s say pork chops or a Turkey roast] remove the meat after it is cooked to your liking and let it rest, in the meantime add a little red wine to your pan and reduce then towards the end add a couple of tablespoons [depending on the size of the pan and amount of ‘jus’] of our Italian Plum and Start Anise Jam or Pomegranate Cranberry Jam, stir in until you have a smooth consistency then pour this ‘Au jus’ over the meat or serve on the side.

Here’s another easy salad idea…peel and cube [about 1” cubes] butternut squash, drizzle with olive oil and a little salt then roast in the oven at 375° F until nicely caramelized edges appear, check that the cubes are done remove and set aside a couple of minutes. Meanwhile in a large salad bowl add fresh raw arugula salad or raw baby spinach [rinsed and dried], sprinkle on dry cranberries and walnuts and top with the roasted squash, drizzle everything with 3 tablespoons of your best olive oil and one table spoon of our Mango Ginger Shrub, salt and pepper to taste.

Why is shopping local so important and valuable?

P: When I was growing up in France we would only shop local, we would only buy what was in season and my parents supported the local artisans. The produce came in fresh right off the farm or was driven in that morning from the coast. We knew our cheese producer, we knew where the eggs and milk came from. There was a real connection with who grew, made or caught our food.

Name the top three items you always have in your fridge or cupboard.

P: Quality olive oil, quality butter and of-course my jam.

What is your favorite dish to cook? Or, your favorite dish to eat!

P: Nothing beats a good roasted chicken rubbed with butter, rosemary and lemon [add some also under the skin] with roast potatoes and a green salad. But I also love to bake and my husband’s favorite is my French Apple Tart.

What would be your ‘theme song?’

P: I love the way music makes me feel and it varies on the day and mood…In the kitchen we always have something on, I love the up lifting spirit in ‘Freedom’ by George Michael, and lately I’ve been listening to a Beatles cover by Gary Clark Jr., Joe Walsh with Dave Grohl on Drums, written by George Harrison – “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”.

When you aren’t at the Delray GreenMarket, where would we most likely find you?

P: Either I’m Jamming in the kitchen with my team or hanging out with my husband and kitty at home.

Name your top 3 favorite things about Delray Beach.

P: There are many reason to love Delray Beach, here are three:

1.I love the fact that we actually have a ‘centre-ville,’ our downtown is beautiful and is a focus point for many of our activities

2.Our proximity to a beautiful beach and the beach culture that comes with that.

3.The entrepreneurial spirit that exists here, there are so many excellent producers, artisans and young professionals, that is why I support the ‘Made in Delray’ spirit.

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